Design Process



An initial meeting to discover whether the client and myself would work well together – to establish rapport. 


Opportunity for the client to inform me of the scope of the project, what the priorities are, how the space is to be used, scale, aesthetics, timing and budget. I will listen carefully to ideas and aspirations and any concerns the client may have.

Concept Development

I work in collaboration with clients to create the best use of the space to suit lifestyle, practical requirements and aesthetics. Creation of a design direction and style for the project. Presentation of full design concepts with sketches and materials boards.


Once the design concept is clear, measured plans and detailed drawings are produced. This includes furniture, fittings, surfaces, lighting, bespoke cabinetry, upholstery, soft furnishings.


Depending on scale, the client can take specifications to their own contractor or I will manage the full installation, or a combination of the two. The aim is to manage the budget and working timetable to complete the project to everyone’s satisfaction.


Design Specialities

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Clients often involve my services at
the beginning of a project and work alongside architects to help design spaces from the inside out.

Living Spaces

The way clients live and how they want to use spaces is at the heart of my design discipline. Living spaces should be individual to you reflecting your life.

Kitchen Design

The fusing of practicality and function with lifestyle and aesthetics is the heart of kitchen design. I aim to marry a practical and creative approach to this specialist area with floor plans, cabinet layouts, lighting solutions, choice of materials, also dining and seating areas if included.

Bathroom Design

Bathrooms are both a place for luxurious indulgence and everyday needs. Optimising available space with the selection of materials, fittings and lighting to suit all scales of project.

Lighting Specification

We work with specialist contractors to enhance interior design features and create the atmosphere desired. Dramatic feature fittings along with hidden or subtle solutions.



Furniture and Upholstery

The demand for storage is an essential component for busy family or work life.  I work with skilled craftsmen to provide bespoke solutions.
Also using experienced upholsterers to create bespoke furniture or revitalise loved pieces.

Soft Furnishings

Bespoke window dressing and all soft furnishing needs are designed and created with skilled workrooms. The fitting service is professional and personal meeting exacting demands. Working with major fabric houses and especially collaborating with emerging
textile brands.