Space and how to have more

How To Create Space In Your Home

Bulthaup Kitchen

Bulthaup Kitchen


Irrespective of the size of your home, it probably always feels as though you could use more space. There are many clever interior design tips and tricks to make your home look more spacious and here we look at some of the best ways to create the illusion of more space and also to make the best use of the space that you have.


·      Floor Layouts

·      Storage Solutions

·      Creating An Illusion

·      Using Colour and Light

·      Arrangements


Floor Layouts

Making the best use of the space available is key to creating an environment suitable for the way you want to live.

Making the best use of the space available is key to creating an environment suitable for the way you want to live.


Planning rooms takes time and one of the best investments is a tape measure, as filling rooms with large bulky furniture will inevitably make the room seem smaller. When planning your room, know how much space you have so that you don’t make costly decisions of making the wrong choices. It’s far too easy to imagine that your space is actually bigger than it is. If you have rooms with high ceilings, don’t overlook the vertical space as this could be used for shelving or other storage. 


Storage Solutions


Think about dual-purpose furniture such as a chest as a coffee table, which can be used to store games, toys or DVDs. Invest in a bed with drawers as this will provide lots of storage for extra bed linen and out-of-season clothes. There are also lots of attractive small storage ideas including wicker baskets and wooden boxes, which will look fabulous whilst serving the purpose of storing clutter and knick-knacks. If you work at your kitchen table, store papers neatly away in a box.


You may even have storage that is not being used to the best advantage, perhaps cupboards would benefit from some shelving or hooks. Don’t forget that investing in bespoke storage solutions could prove invaluable, as you will be ensuring that every inch of space is being utilised, so think about this in the kitchen, bedrooms and living areas. Although this will be a more expensive option, it is unlikely that readymade units will fit your spaces exactly leading to a waste of space.




Interior design is about creating the illusion of more space. Although there is no possibility of making more physical space, it’s about making your space better organised and more useful. Consider putting items in corners that will draw the eye, as these will elongate the room. Light and bright colours will also give the illusion of a larger and airier space.


Mirrors can be used to great effect as they will reflect the light back into the room and you could replace a picture with a mirror. Another feature that can make your home feel larger and brighter is internal glazing which will draw light deeper into your property as the more light you can bring in, the better.


Colour And Light


Natural light will make a room appear larger so keep any windows as clear as possible and don’t use dark, heavy, bulky fabrics. Use pale, more neutral shades as dark colours will close the room in making it seem much smaller. In really small spaces, consider using the same colours and flooring in your rooms as this will give the feeling that each room flows seamlessly into the next. Remember, you can always spark interest with brightly coloured or statement pieces of furniture.



Decouvrir LEndroit Du Decor

Decouvrir LEndroit Du Decor


Having lots of things on display will make a room appear smaller so just keep things on full view that you use on a daily basis. Try to hide as much stuff away as possible and be as tidy as you can as the more you can do this, the more spacious and less cluttered your home will feel. Better arrangements will give harmony and peace of mind, clarity of thought and therefore the ability to concentrate or relax.

What To Do Next?

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