Your Autumn Personality

Do You Have An Autumn Personality?

Rich warm palette with layers of texture

Rich warm palette with layers of texture


Autumn is one of the most colourful times of the year and it could represent the inspiration that you need for an interior colour refresh. Nicky Percival Interior Design, based in Tunbridge Wells looks at Colour Psychology and the traits that are evident in an autumn colour personality.


You want interior design that reflects the textures, styles and tones that work for you and by identifying the keywords about how a room should feel, it will save you a lot of time, energy and money by avoiding costly mistakes.


Colour Preferences May Be Driven By Our Personalities


Research suggests our colour preferences may actually be driven by our personalities, and can tell us a lot about our personal style. You may find that you naturally gravitate towards certain colours, tones and styles when it comes to interior design. This is apparent in everything from paint choices through to furnishings and artwork. You may not even have realised that you favour certain hues over others.

Colour is an extremely powerful tool and it can make any living space really come alive and it’s true that the colour of a wall will instantly change the atmosphere of that room.

What Effects Does Colour Have?


·      Impacts on health, emotions and wellbeing

·      Influences mood

·      Inspires action

·      Increases comprehension

·      Reduces stress

·      Creates harmony


Autumn Personality Traits


If you have an Autumnal personality, you are earthy, warm, organic, rustic and passionate. This goes along with a strong connection to nature, a love for the past and a yearning and eagerness to understand how and why things work. You are a born organiser and pay attention to detail. You have a strong aesthetic sense and consequently you appreciate design, quality and craftsmanship.


The Colours of An Autumn Personality


So what does this mean in terms of colours for an autumn personality? Orange colour palettes are first to spring to mind but autumn palettes have warmth to them and a welcoming feel with underlying tones of sunset yellows and rusty reds. They also incorporate hot oranges, ochres, hot purples, muted olives and greens in varying intensities. Autumn personalities want to bring the natural elements from outdoors with all their hues inside.


Interior Design Elements


·      Eclectic furniture

·      Comfortable and durable furniture

·      Antiques

·      Historical artefacts

·      Elements of wood and nature

·      Environmentally friendly pieces

·      Informal spaces

·      Cosy, warm and inviting rooms

·      Use of copper, leather and terracotta stone

·      Natural, organic textures


A Welcoming And Inviting Room


All this will create a cosy, vibrant and textured interior with a warm palette of browns, oranges, and greens. Natural, organic textures, such as linen, wool, or tweed, take pride of place. Overall, your interior will be welcoming and inviting. Don’t be tempted to mix colours from different seasons, as you will probably end up with a colour scheme that does the opposite.


What To Do Next?

Layering of pattern, texture, depth of hue and furniture of differing periods and places

Layering of pattern, texture, depth of hue and furniture of differing periods and places


Are you looking to work with an Interior Designer who will listen to you and transform your space into something that you could only have dreamed of in the colours that reflect your personality? Here at Nicky Percival Interiors, we pride ourselves on our service, which is always personal and inspirational. Please get in touch on 07773 372158 or email for a without obligation chat.