Your Home Office

Ideas and Tips for Incorporating an Office into Your Home


In today’s world where the commute to work can be slow, time consuming and costly with the constant negotiation of busy roads and traffic congestion or overcrowded and perhaps unreliable train services, it may seem a fantastic idea to run your business from home or to work 1 or 2 days a week from there.  This would eliminate the daily travel adding extra time to work on your business.


You could move seamlessly to your home working environment after a morning tea or coffee and breakfast. There’s no need to get dressed up and you can settle down to business in a tracksuit or even your pyjamas. For many, it’s the perfect solution!


A Room Or A Small Space


You may be lucky and have a whole room that you can dedicate to being your office space. If not, you will have to adapt a small niche or a nook and cranny and there are several important requirements.


·      Good light

·      A clear work surface

·      Power point

·      Office chair

·      Regulated temperature


Looking After Your Health


Natural light is preferable but as this isn’t always possible be careful that you have recommended lighting so as not to cause eyestrain, dry, itchy and irritated eyes and the resulting reduced work performance. Computer work can be particularly visually demanding. You do want lighting that gives an even light and is glare-free.

Simple storage and organised work space

Simple storage and organised work space


Working Surfaces and Power Points


You really do need a dedicated work surface where your computer can sit. You will find moving things every time you want to work extremely irritating and unsettling. However, you don’t have to have the proverbial office desk, utilise something that fits!


A power point nearby is a “must” as tripping over cables is a definite health and safety issue. Remember you may need to plug in a printer and a desk light as well as your computer.


Your Office Chair


Although it can be tempting to save money by using a dining chair, a proper desk chair is again a “must” and should never be overlooked as sitting incorrectly can lead to back and postural problems. Use a chair that is designed to give the best support.

Yves Saint Laurent's Inspirational Work Space

Yves Saint Laurent's Inspirational Work Space


Creative Touches


·      Make the space personal

·      Use curtains or blinds to shield glare

·      Optimise the colour of your room

·      Incorporate dedicated storage and shelving

·      Add personal touches


Make it your personal sanctuary and have things around you that are inspirational. These could include art works, books, mirrors and maps. Have a pin board and put postcards and notes on it and display brochures of things you are currently interested in.


Use your storage wisely and hide anything that you don’t want on show. Storage and shelving solutions don’t need to be boring. Think cool hotel library!




Remember that your working environment has to be practical, functional and inspiring. Organisation is key for maintaining a good working space. A small home office does not require much space, but it does require a large amount of creativity and with this, the finished product can be very rewarding.


Be happy and creative and change things regularly – excite your mind at work!


These are just a few of my tips for incorporating an office into your home. However, if you are struggling to find the space for your office or you think your current office space isn't really working for you and isn’t the inspirational and creative room that you had envisioned, please get in touch with me, Nicky Percival on 07773 372158 or email to bring style, elegance and design to your home office.


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